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How Does It Work?
The Creator Purge is a 30-Day Life Changing Experience!
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You will receive a new video lesson every 24-hours walking you through your assignment for the day.
Each lesson has a unique assignment that builds off of the day before. The structure of this challenge is to leave you with LASTING results. Not just a quick emotional high that will fade away.
You will have unlimited access to our extremely active Creator Community where you will post your homework as well as receive and give encouragement to the rest of your new family!
You will have access to your one-on-one coach for the 30-day period to make sure you're staying pointed in the correct direction.
Rest assured that you will have lifetime access to the material including any updates to the Creator Purge program.
Have any questions? One of our support staff would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program! 

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What If You Were Just One Decision Away TODAY From  Living
The Life You've Always Wanted To Live?

I Don't Want Or Expect You To Bet On Me... I Don't Need It. I Want You To Take The Leap Of Faith And Bet On You Today For Once...
If you're like most people when I ask them that question... you have no clue. It's an interesting question to think on a bit. I get a wide range of answers but these are the most common.

"To pay the bills..."
"To go to school..."
"I don't know..."

What a tragedy. Now there's nothing wrong about paying bills and going to school on their own. There's nothing wrong with "go to class" or "go to work" being on your to-do list...

But it shouldn't be the end goal aka the reason that we wake up.  Now with this context most people can usually come up with a slightly better answer.

"I'm going to work to provide a living for my family... or I'm going to school so I can get a good job."

I guess... but does that really excite you? Be honest. Now I'm not trying to pick on you. I'm just passionate... because I used to be in that same lost position. Now when I say "lost" I don't mean that I didn't have any goals or dreams. Actually, I can't remember a minute of my life where I didn't have insanely big dreams and goals. 

So how was I lost? Well, I had goals and dreams... but they were for all of the wrong reasons. And then one of the most destructive things that could have happened took place...

I became "successful"

And then the world around me began to fall apart. Now I don't mean physically. On the outside all was well. Money, influence, impact, status, amazing wife, beautiful and well behaved kids, I was living the dream. To everyone else...

But on the inside I was dying. Trapped between who I thought I was suppose to be and who I felt like I was truly called to be. I had built a glass house of achievement that I thought would give me significance and fulfillment. Everything I had been shown growing up told me that once I got the girl, the money, and the fame I'd be successful. So why didn't I feel successful?

Because that's not true success. That's the "standardized" view of success that the world is selling. The problem with true success is that it's custom fitted. My "success" might have a different color, size, tone, feel, pace, and direction than yours...

No wonder I wanted to blow my brains out! You'll never find true fulfillment if you're looking left and right (comparison) instead of looking within. Now this is where my beef with school comes in...

To free yourself from this prison takes a specific skill set. Most notably the ability to think. And unfortunately the school system isn't designed to teach you how to think for yourself. It's structured to tell you what to think.
Because that's what school teaches you to become..... normal. Average. Now certain people get offended when you say that...

"What's wrong with being average!?!"

My answer: Nothing, if your goal is being average.
If that's the case for you, then this page most likely isn't for you. I don't have anything for you. But if any of these following words don't sit well with you...  then this page and offer was created specifically for YOU!"

Average, Normal, Scarcity, Lack, Poverty, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Anger, Violence, Fat, Worthless, Insecure, Ugly, Lazy, Weak, Lost, Confused, Frustrated, Discouraged, Hopeless, Desperation...
*Now realistically I CANNOT guarantee any results for you with this program. The reason is because I don't know how serious you are and whether you'll actually do the things I tell you. All I can do is show you what results my students that take action are getting. If you know you're ready to take action and follow a proven system then keep reading.
meet the man behind the purge
Dion Does
What up! My name is Dion Williams, but most people know me online as Dion Does or iMAV3RIQ. I'm going to be honest... I HATE talking about myself more than I have to so I'll do my best to be quick lol...

I got my start online over 10 years ago making fun videos that I'd upload to YouTube.  Super long story short: I was able to build a 7 figure content based online business that was reaching people all over the world. I've been blessed to work with huge international brands and partner with actors, athletes, and celebrities all over the world.

None of that means much to me... I just bring it up because for some reason when you mention money or fame people listen to you.

And that's why I created this purge...

I'm much more proud of the different obstacles I was able to overcome through that journey. Trust me, I love geeking over marketing and business!

(Side note: If you want to see me geek out just bring up Jesus, my kids, or marketing.)

But for whatever reason, in this season of my life I'm most obsessed about human achievement.  After surviving some of the deepest and scariest pits in my life I have a new perspective

I knew something was off when I was making the most money of my life, with a reach in the millions, and opportunities left and right....

But yet... I had my first run in with suicidal thoughts. This didn't make any sense to me! Why was it that I never felt this worthless when my mom, younger brother, and I were getting evicted from our house growing up.

When kids would make fun of me in middle school because my mom couldn't afford new school clothes I never thought of wanting to disappear like this.

I felt like I had gained the world, but lost my self. And my first reaction was one of anger...

Why didn't my mom, school, or any of the dozens of "success books" that I read prepare me for this.  

The birth of The Creator Purge...

During this season I had many ups and downs. I essentially had to tear everything down to ground zero and rebuild. 

I closely re-examined everything I believed in the areas of Faith, Relationships, Energy, and Economics.

In some instances I liked what I saw... and in other areas I found pain, bondage, and fear.  This battle against myself was one of the hardest thing I've ever done.

Mainly because there's so much false, conflicting, and/or confusing information around the topic of "success"...

Success Simplified....

No one really takes the time to break down what TRUE SUCCESS looks like and how to get there. There's a lot of hype and theory.... not enough action.

But looking back I'm so grateful for that season in the wilderness. It taught me a lot and equipped me with a proven method I can share with others to help them create the same breakthrough I did for myself.

I learned that we all have a story. We've all been through unique challenges and setbacks that have equipped us with our very own super powers that we can use to serve people for good. 

And when you do that, you can live life at your pace and at your price. I believe my power is the ability to help creators like you work up to their true identity so they can create the life of their dreams.

Thanks if you made it this far. I appreciate you for reading :)
The Creator Purge didn't just help me get things together in my own life. There are people all over the world taking action and changing the course of their life forever. Will you be our next testimonial?
What People Are Saying About The Purge In The Community...
"It’s crazy how big we can grow even just in these 30 days and acquire knowledge and knockdown these beliefs that were holding us from the start"
From Hiram
I can not stress this enough, the amount of effort you put in will bring back equal or greater results. Over the course of the purge and watching the videos and learning more about myself, my future is so much more clear. 
From Tegan
It’s so real that I made it through the purge. I never complete something like this all the way through. I learned a lot from the purge and I urge anyone who reads this and is having doubts about the purge keep going its well worth in the end. The purge help me a lot. I look back to myself before the purge and after I see amazing results.
From Terrance

"All I can say is "wow" what an experience. Going through this purge I learned so much about myself. I really want to thank Dion and everyone behind the scenes for putting this purge together it's definitely life changing. If anyone is thinking about giving up on this purge, trust me it'll be worth it in the end."

- Daniel

Dion you have created and build something amazing here and I thank you for it. I'm grateful that I made it to the end, that I saw something through to completion. I'm excited for what's to come next as I continue with the self improvement that began here. I also look forward to encouraging those who follow in my footsteps to see the Purge through to th end - it's worth it!

- Christine

I have come such a long way, I can see a huge change in myself from the first day. One of my close friends even noticed and pointed out how different I sounded on the phone. All in all, I would most DEFINITELY encourage anyone who is curious or already going through this program to try it and keep going! This has changed my life in so many amazing ways! I'm looking forward to seeing how I will continue to grow in the future!

- Shynta

"This 30 days saved my life. I mean that in every literal sense of the word."

- Richard
What's inside the purge ?
Sneak peek.
Skeptical that you can significantly change your life in only 30 days? Of course you are... school trained you at a semesters pace while feeding you a lot of unnecessary fluff. When you focus only on what truly matters you'll be surprised at how fast change can happen.
The Program Is Broken Down To Three Different Phases:
  • First we break down the false and limiting beliefs in your life. If you don't break them down they aren't going anywhere. This can be imagined as destroying an evil castle.
  • Next we want to clear (purge) negative thoughts and patterns. This is a lot easier said that done when trying to do it on your own.  But don't worry we make this simple and straight forward. Image this as clearing the debris from the destroyed castle. 
  • Finally, we want to build a strong foundation that will allow you to rebuild the life that YOU want. This time with healthy beliefs and patterns that almost ensure your success moving forward.  This is where you begin to build your new castle!
Day #1: The Circle Of Truth - We waste no time. On day one we shock the mind and the body with an exercise designed to get down to the roots.
Day #15: Dead Weight - Break free from the unneeded stress that's weighing you down. Only focus on what's truly important and relevant for your unique journey.
Day #10: The North Star - Where are you going? It's easy to see how we can be lost in life when we don't have any true direction that's genuinely exciting to us.
Day #25: Bending Time - Gain the proper perspective on the most valuable resource we have. You can make more money, but you can't get tomorrow back.
Student Testimonials
Anthony D.
Jerry H.
Richard N.
Lyn R.
Kelly S.
Zach F.
Melanie S.
Troy D.
Jeremy N.
Tegan C.
Erik F.
Michael S.
Luke F.
Ty C.
Deshawn C.
Conner D.
Hiram R.
Daniel S.
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